Metro Health found more violations during a follow up inspection at Los Valles Produce booth located at 3915 Nogalitos.

KSAT's Behind the Kitchen Door reported Los Valles received 60 demerits during an initial inspection. Inspectors went back two days later, but found more corrections still need to be made. They include:

  • Proper water temperature used when washing dishes.
  • Coolers need to kept at the proper temperature.
  • Tables, equipment, and all wall surfaces need to be thoroughly cleaned.

Metro Health will reinspect Los Valles produce next week.

Sazon Mexican Cafe at 9822 Potranco Road failed its recent inspection from Metro Health. Their violations included:

  • Chicken and carne guisada were not stored at proper temperatures.
  • Employees found not washing hands.
  • Cooked rice was stored in an open container under a dirty, dusty blower.

KSAT's Behind the Kitchen Door stopped by Sazon Mexican Cafe and the manager said those corrections have already been made and the cafe passed a follow up inspection.

The manager added Sazon did have a perfect score when it was inspected in December.