The head coach of the John Jay High School boy's soccer team, Daniel Chapa, was placed on administrative leave Wednesday afternoon, after a KSAT Defenders investigation revealed he is a possible person of interest in a homicide investigation.

Chapa's son Anthony died in 2003, initially thought to be a result of Sandhoff Disease, a rare genetic condition the boy had had since birth.

But the Bexar County Medical Examiner's Office recently declared the death a homicide, citing a confession Chapa allegedly wrote, detailing how he drowned his son in a bathtub in 2003.

An exhumation of the 2-year-old boy's body late last year provided incomplete scientific evidence to prove drowning, although the autopsy did note that no such results were expected to be found.

The medical examiner's findings were enough, however, to launch an investigation into the death by the San Antonio Police Department and the District's Attorney's office.

The medical examiner did not say where the alleged confession was written. One place it might be, however, is in a memoir allegedly written by Chapa.

Chapa acknowledged writing a memoir, but said its contents were all fiction.

Chapa's lawyer, San Antonio defense attorney Anthony Cantrell, said his client would not be commenting further on the story.

Daniel Chapa will be on leave until the results of a district investigation are determined.

Chapa has been the coach of the boy's soccer team on John Jay High School for several years now.

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