If you have a child on your holiday shopping list, or you're just tired of having your tablet taken over by the kids, there's good news. 

There are more tablets geared specifically for kids on the market.

Consumer Reports checked out five tablets priced from $150 to $200 and found while they are made for kids, they have a lot of grownup features.

"This year we're seeing tablets with real Android operating systems and features like WiFi and expandable memory. These tablets are not just toys," said Consumer Reports' Carol Mangis.

A dozen kids were also asked to weigh in after playing games, reading books and creating art on the tablets. 

The tablets come fully loaded with child-friendly games and learning activities.

For bookworms, the Meep! from Oregon Scientific had the clearest display screen.

If you want to limit Internet access, all have parental controls. The most extensive controls are on the Meep!, Kurio 7 and Nabi 2.

"Some tablets have Internet filters, which means kids can surf only to approved websites. And, on some tablets, parents can limit their kids' time online," Mangis said.

The tablet the kids liked best was the Nabi 2 for $200. It has strong interface and the longest battery life.