KIRBY, Texas -

The body of Gary Weise, 43, was found sprawled behind his automotive repair shop in Kirby on Wednesday.

His throat had been slashed and he had been stabbed repeatedly, investigators said.

His body was discovered by his brother, who had become concerned when phone calls to Weise went unanswered.

Fred Weise, the victim’s brother, said he went to the shop to look for Weise.

“As I was leaving, we saw a body behind the shop – it was his,” Weise said.

Kirby police say they have some good leads and hope to make an arrest in a day or two.

“We have a person of interest but we have to rule everybody out,” said Kirby police Sgt. Mike Alonzo.

As for a motive, Alonzo said, “We found some evidence that leads us to believe it wasn’t a robbery.”

He said the victim’s wallet containing what he described as “a large amount of money” was left at the scene.