Lackland sex abuse court martial continues

Another alleged victim testifies to sexual relationship with Lackland trainer

Author: Myra Arthur, Reporter, Anchor,
Published On: Jul 18 2012 02:54:49 PM CDT
Lackland air force base GENERIC

Testimony was at times graphic and emotional Wednesday in the court martial of Staff Sgt. Luis Walker, who faces 28 charges including rape and aggravated sexual assault for having inappropriate relationships with Air Force trainees.

A former airman, known as Airman 7 in this case, testified Wednesday that her relationship with Walker became personal when he began allowing her to check her email and Facebook behind closed doors in his office during her basic training in the spring of 2011.

It was during those office visits, Airman 7 said, that Walker started asking her about her sexual history, like where was the strangest place she’d ever had sex.

The then-19-year-old woman testified that Walker would also say things to her like “country girls are hot” and announce “daddy’s home” when entering the trainees’ dormitory.

Airman 7 added that during their private time together, Walker advised her not to get married while she was in the military because her husband would cheat on her. Then, she claims Walker went on to tell her how he cheated on his wife.

The alleged victim says their relationship turned physical when Walker told her to meet him in an empty dorm to retrieve towels while she was on laundry duty. Airman 7 told the court that she followed Walker’s orders and that he began to kiss and undress her.

The former trainee says she “let it happen” because she was afraid of what Walker might do if she didn’t comply.

The two then had sex, she testified, as she outlined the graphic details for the courtroom.

During the defense’s turn to question Airman 7, attorneys called into question her credibility by noting that her testimony in court differed from a written statement about the sexual encounter that she made in the fall of 2011.

The defense also made it clear that the allegations involving Airman 7 were not assault.

Even still, any type of sexual contact -- even if consensual -- between trainees and instructors is not allowed.

“It is forbidden to have an intimate, sexual, personal relationship between a trainer and trainee,” said Col. Poll Kenny, Staff Judge Advocate for the 2nd Air Force. “This is necessary for good order and discipline to maintain the disciplinary structure in the training environment.”

The defense also entered into evidence a text message that Airman 7 sent a friend about the alleged sexual encounter with Walker in which she wrote “I just wanted sex.”

On Tuesday, a former trainee of Walker’s testified that he sexually assaulted her in his office and told her not to tell anyone.

Walker denies the charges against him.

Walker is one of 12 Lackland instructors under investigation for having sexual relationships with trainees. Six trainers have so far been charged, and one of them has already been convicted.

Walker faces up to life in prison and a dishonorable discharge if found guilty.

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