SHINER, Texas -

A 23-year-old Lavaca County father used his bare hands to kill a 47-year-old Gonzales man who allegedly tried to sexually assault his 4-year-old daughter.

Lavaca County Sheriff Mica Harmon said the man took the girl into a brushy area outside Shiner Saturday afternoon and allegedly tried to molest her.

When the girl's father found out about the alleged incident, he punched the man several times in the head, Harmon said. The man died at the scene.

The girl was taken to a hospital and was released to her family.

Harmon said that no charges have been filed against the father.

"He was in defense of a third person, which would be his daughter," Harmon said. "He was just merely defending his daughter."

Harmon said that many residents have contacted him and told him they are in support of the father.

"They feel like the father was justified in protecting the daughter," Harmon said.

Michael James Veit, who lives near where the incident happened, said he would have taken the same action.

"I would do the same, probably worse, if somebody would have done that to my kid," Veit said.