IAn area in Northeast San Antonio, located in a jurisdictional no-man's land, has turned into a dump site, residents say.

The Camelot II area between Windcrest, Converse and San Antonio, is getting some attention from lawmakers.

State Representative Ruth Jones McLendon is looking at filing legislation to clean-up the area.

Still, one local group, the Big Homie Foundation, said while they are excited about the move, they're still not waiting around for something to do be done about it.

"We're trying to bring some awareness to the situation out here, to the dumping and how the area has just been forgotten about," said Micheaux Braddy with the Big Homie Foundation. "We're just trying to clean it up one block at a time."

Braddy said with their 20 to 30 members, they are working not only to clean up their neighborhood, but they are also hoping to teach their young volunteers to take pride in their area by taking action.

"It's for a good cause," said Gina Buenrostro, a volunteer. "They are doing it for the kids and also, I wanted to teach my kids to help out."

"I'm very passionate about giving back to the community," said Karen Davis, a volunteer. "And, I do care about our children."

State Representative McLendon said she believes part of the problem with all the dumping out in the Camelot area is that service in these jurisdictional no-man's areas is just not available.

She said that's why she is trying to pass a bill that would allow the city and the county to work together to clean up the trash.

"It sounds like it's going to be very promising," said Braddy. "And, I'm looking forward to that. I really hope they pass it because we need something like that. In order to stop the problem, we need to start somewhere and I think the best place is in the legislature."

Representative McLendon is scheduled to go before the House Environmental Regulation Committee on Tuesday.

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Images: Volunteers clean up dump site

Published On: Mar 25 2013 10:12:57 AM CDT

An area located in a jurisdictional no-man's land on the Northeast Side has turned into a dump site, and residents are doing something about it.

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