LIVE OAK, Texas -

Live Oak police confirmed the man they arrested Wednesday morning in connection with a home burglary is 35-year-old Andy Guzman.

Police said Guzman was attempting to break in to a home in the 7800 block of Trumbal only to be met with a baseball bat.

Police said the break-in happened early Wednesday morning, and Live Oak police said the homeowner injured the Guzman's neck before he took off on foot.

Guzman was on the run for hours as police combed the area with the help of a DPS helicopter. He was finally caught around noon.

Nearby Franz Elementary School was temporarily on lock-down during the search.

"The guy ... tried to go inside my house," Miguel Liebana said. "It hit (him) two (or) three times."

Liebana said Guzman (pictured) is his daughter's ex-boyfriend and he believes Guzman wanted to hurt her.

Liebana said Guzman came to his house more than once this morning.

"Police were coming up here ... every 10 minutes it seemed like," said Jerry Rice, who lives across the street from Liebana.

Rice described the Guzman as hot-headed, and said the trouble didn't start overnight.

"He's pretty unfriendly. I live over there and I help these guys a lot, and he wanted to jump and fight on me one time for just knocking on the door," he said.