A man helping a widow sort through her husband’s belongings discovered what appeared to be a live grenade Thursday evening.

Jim Gardon said the woman’s husband used to collect firearms, and also had a collection of ammunition, including the grenade, which he said looked to be World War II issue.

Gardon said he initially planned to take the grenade to Fort Sam Houston, which is just down the street, and turn it in, but had a change of heart about a block away.

“I figured it probably would have violated at least two or three federal laws and a few post regulations, so I decided to keep that at the local level and bring it back,” said Gardon, an Army veteran.

Gardon had secured the grenade by wrapping it in some towels and placing it in the back of his truck. After he called 9-1-1, San Antonio Police called in bomb techs to dispose of it.

The bomb techs detonated the grenade in a construction site nearby.

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