If you could bottle the entrepreneurial spirit, it might look like a bottle of 80-proof whiskey, made and bottled in Bexar County.

"Our first batch of whiskey is going to produce about 12,000 cases," said Mike Cameron, co-owner of Rebeccar Creek Distillery, 26605 Bulverde Rd.

The business is a dream born of the proverbial notes scrawled on a bar napkin and years of homework.

"We were both from the commercial insurance business, and this was a little bit sexier than that, I guess," Cameron said.

 Rebecca Creek Fine Texas Spirit Whiskey hit store shelves at major liquor stores about six weeks ago.

Now, they are bottling the handcrafted liquor as fast as they can.

The company's first offering is vodka, on the market for about 14 months.

"The secret to good vodka is taking your time to make that vodka," Cameron said.

Theirs is distilled for 14 hours, significantly longer than the typical two to three hours at a mass manufacturer.

It's also distilled in a German-made copper still, the company's mechanical pride and joy.

"We've chose to go with copper because that gives you the best taste profile, a smooth profile," he said. "Copper is a better conductor of  heat and it adds a sweet profile to the distillate."

A master distiller checks the alcohol content every hour to make sure it's in what they call the sweet spot.

The vodka is called Enchanted Rock, named after the Hill Country landmark.   It's one sign of the company's deep Texas roots.

"We just felt if there was a place to have success with local support, it would be the state of Texas," Cameron said. "Within the borders of this state, the loyalty is unmatched."

Up next for the business, a single malt whiskey currently aging in charred oak barrels. It's due out in summer. After that, Cameron said they may look at gin and rum, continuing to put Texas on the map and on the rocks.

Rebecca  Creek Distillery offers free tours on Saturdays from noon to 5 p.m.