The family of the Bulverde resident who was wounded in the Colorado mass shooting released a statement on Sunday to update his condition.

Brent Lowak was in Aurora visiting Jessica Ghawi, a former San Antonio resident who died in the attack.

The statement said Brent should make a full recovery. "He was shot in the rear, in the buttocks area. They removed the bullet, but some shrapnel went all the way up to his shoulder," Larry Lowak, Brent’s father, said on Friday. 

The Associated Press reported Lowak's mother, Sue Greene, said Sunday her son was sitting with Ghawi when he heard the hiss of gas from canisters thrown by the gunman.

She said her son and Ghawi ducked but she was hit in the leg. According to the mother, as Ghawi screamed, her son applied pressure to her wound but then she stopped screaming. Greene said her son then realized Ghawi had been shot again and soon she was dead.

Lowak's family added they are overwhelmed by the show of support for their son and that their hearts go out to the families of all the victims.