The constant purr of the sewing machines is the first sign that business is good at Jon Hart Design.

At the 24,000-square-foot factory just east of downtown, the 50 or so workers are working overtime custum cutting and sewing the materials that are crafted into luggage, totes, cosmetic bags and much more that bear the Jon Hart Design logo.

"It's been crazy," said Bob Burke, company president. "All the things  you've seen on the news about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we've certainly felt the effect of that."

While the designer name is well known, the fact that the factory is discreetly located at 221 Burleson is not.

"It's not only made in America," Burke said, "but it really is made in right here in San Antonio."

What they make is a 150 product line of luggage and travel accessories like cosmetic bags and shave kits. The company has recently expanded to create a line of business products like laptop sleeves and portfolios. And most come in a rainbow of colors like hot pink and kiwi green.  And the products are not just for women. They include camouflage coolers, pistol cases, golf shoe bags and much more.

The pieces are crafted from a coated canvas, the same material used for convertible tops of cars. And each is accented with leather embossed with personal monograms.

The products are sold mostly in boutiques in the southwest, with Texas the primary market. Burke credits that for weathering the recession.

"I think being in Texas has been a good thing. A lot of our being in Texas, we're a little more insulated than other parts of the country," he said.

And business is picking up pace, he said, with holiday sales trending 30 to 40 percent higher than last year's.

With so many products now manufactured overseas, Burke takes pride in making products in the U.S.

"We actually put American flags on the inside of a lot of our products to reinforce that," he said. "We play it up on our website. I hope there's more interest in that."

Interest in buying American has been gaining traction, something Burke is grateful to see.

"I think it helps because we put a lot of people to work," he said.