A driver is behind bars after leading authorities on a chase through two counties.

DPS officials said the chase started at about 1:15 p.m. Friday in Atascosa County after a trooper attempted to stop the driver.

"The trooper was trying to conduct a traffic stop for impeding traffic on Interstate 37," said Noe Fernandez, with the Department of Public Safety. "He activated his emergency lights and that's when the pursuit started."

Fernandez said the driver took off first on I-37 South and then turned around, heading north back to Atascosa and reaching speeds of about 100 mph.

He eventually ended up in Bexar County, where officers dropped spikes on Interstate 10.

The driver's SUV hit the spikes and came to a stop, but Fernandez said unfortunately there were about three other cars that also hit the spikes, damaging their tires.

However, he said nobody was hurt

DPS officials did take the SUV back to headquarters for further investigation.

However, in an initially search, investigators did not find any drugs in the vehicle and it did not appear that the 33-year-old driver was drunk.

Fernandez said that the driver did tell troopers that he wanted to apologize for putting everybody in danger.

For now, he faces charges of evading arrest, but other charges are pending.