Tossed from a bar and wanting revenge a man decided to torch an employee's car.

Investigators say he's now facing arson charges for that crime.
Police have now charged 25 year-old Jason McInturff in the case that happened in April.

An arrest affidavit says McInturff was kicked out the Steer Bar on S.E. Military, and later used a rag to set fire to the gas tank of an employee's car.

Arson investigators say McInturff stuffed the rag into the tank and set it on fire.

They say the employee went out to his car and McInturff taunted him.

The affidavit says as he rode away on a bicycle McInturff shouted "How do you like me now bitches?"

Arson investigators say they used surveillance cameras to identify McInturff.

They say on that video he is seen walkiing up to the car and opening the gas tank, then returning and stuffing a rag into the tank and setting it on fire.