When burglars broke into the home of 399th District Court Judge Ray Olivarri, they fled with an assortment of jewelry, including his wedding ring.

But the most devastating loss, Olivarri’s wife, Brenda, said, was the death of the family dog.

“It’s very emotional. It’s very overwhelming,” she said. “Pets are part of your family.”

When the family came home following a trip to the coast in the summer of 2010, they found their dog, Sissy, dead in the driveway and the front door of their home smashed in.

“It’s a violation of your privacy and of your security,” Judge Olivarri said, following the sentencing of Richard Manzano on Thursday.

Manzano, 35, plead no contest to burglary of a habitation charges.

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison by 379th District Court Judge Lori Valenzuela.

Before Manzano was sentenced, Brenda Olivarri addressed Judge Valenzuela.

“As a woman, it’s very paralyzing to be in your home and to be fearful to even walk outside to take out the garbage,” she said. “Not knowing if he’s watching you.”

She said the couple’s 11-year-old daughter remains traumatized by the burglary.

“She knows that a criminal walked in our house, took things Santa left her, and killed her dog,” Olivarri said.

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