A San Antonio man who posed as a reality show producer to allegedly find his victims has been found guilty in his child pornography trial.

Gemase Lee Simmons was found guilty on 39 different counts in federal court on Monday.

Simmons is accused of being a fake reality TV producer and luring two South Texas girls into texting nude photos to people they thought were models helping with portfolios.

He's charged with production, distribution, transportation, receipt and possession of child pornography.

Prosecutors say Simmons in 2011 approached one girl in a fast-food restaurant and the other in a grocery store and claimed to be seeking models. The 16-year-olds testified they later received texts from two purported models who convinced them to send naked photos.

The calls were later traced to the defendant's cell phone. Investigators believe as many as eight youths were victims.

The indictment shows there are 39 counts against him, including bank fraud.

Sentencing begins May 10 and Simmons faces a maximum of life in prison.