LACOSTE, Texas -

Police in the small town of LaCoste, southwest of San Antonio, are investigating an overnight confrontation that ended with a 29-year-old man being shot and stabbed to death.

A spokesman for the town of LaCoste says the Texas Rangers and the Medina County Sheriff's Office are assisting local police investigate what happened at a home at the intersection of Uvalde and D'Hanis streets.

Police said an acquaintance of the people living there, 29-year-old Timothy Gorske, came to the door just after midnight.

Police say when the two residents refused to let him in, Gorske tried to force his way in.

Police say at some point, the residents grabbed a gun and a knife, shooting and stabbing Gorske.

They say he managed to get away, only to collapse and die in a neighbor's yard across the street.

Police say the residents who called 911 reporting a possible home invasion have been questioned, but it's not known if they will face any charges.