It's the oldest hotel still operating west of the Mississippi River, but there's more to the Menger Hotel than old photographs and priceless paintings.

And, just in time for Halloween, has named it one of the most haunted.

San Antonio's Historic Menger Hotel ranked seventh in the poll.

Originally built in 1859, The Menger is one of the oldest hotels still in operation. However, it's best known for the haunted encounters inside.

"When you are looking for ghosts, you really shouldn't look," said Ernesto Malacara with the Menger Hotel. "You just go to their area. You're not going to find them. They're going to find you."

Malacara said visitors get a kick out of the old pictures, paintings and furniture, but it's the numerous ghosts sightings that bring in the guests. He admits he has seen a few himself.

"These little things happen, they happen all over the hotel, but it's nothing to be afraid of. They're not going to hurt you. They may scare you. After all, it is Halloween."