Students at Fenwick Elementary School were excited to cast their votes for president in a mock election at their school.

Students from Pre-K through 5th grade took part in the event to determine who would win the Presidential election if Fenwick students made the decision.

Before the votes were even counted, it was obvious President Obama held a very strong lead. 

However, what was more important than who won was what the students were learning from the experience.

"They've had classroom lessons on it for the last month. They've had to support their choices. They've had discussions about what it means to vote and how important it is to protect their freedoms," said Principal Dr. Tambrey Ozuna.

Many of the older students were already familiar with the issues.

Fifth-grade student Eduardo Longoria, 11, said he voted for Romney after carefully weighing the issues.

"If we vote for him, he might cut taxes and we're going to have more money," he said.

Fifth-grade student Fernando Mares, 11, said he had good reason for want to re-elect President Obama.

"If I want go to college and I don' t have the money, I think I would still go if I have aid so I voted for Obama," he said.

The staff tried to make the experience as authentic as possible. 

Each child was given a voter registration card and all of the 5th-grade election judges had to take the same oath as real election judges.

"One thing I want them to take away from this is that every vote counts," said Ozuna.