Newly released surveillance video is at the center of a debate between a Judson ISD parent and the district. The video shows students interacting together in the hallway moments before a 15-year-old freshman was injured in campus restroom.

According to the boy’s mother, Mary Ross, a bully stuck her son in a restroom trash can on Nov. 2, cutting his leg. The cut turned into a staph infection, which required surgery on Sunday.

“My son has been bullied,” said Ross. “It's not the first time my son has been bullied. He was stabbed by a pen a couple of years ago, three times on his chest. I pressed charges. So something needs to be done concerning all these bully incidents.”

Steve Linscomb, spokesman for Judson ISD, said the incident in question is no more than horseplay.

“What we've determined is that this is a case of horseplay that started out in the hallway, and was carried over into the bathroom area," said Linscomb. “There was no animosity. There was not any maliciousness going on. It was basically kids that were horse playing in the bathroom and somebody got hurt.”

Linscomb said the determination was made after studying the surveillance video and interviewing students. Linscomb also said the injured student asked another boy to pick him up, when he was dropped and cut his leg.

At this point, Linscomb said the the district has no plans to reprimand the students involved, as they believe no evidence of wrongdoing was found.

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