The exclusive Dominion neighborhood just Northwest of San Antonio has had reports of an unwanted guest. 

There has been a mountain lion sighting within the last four days.

"The Dominion is in a location where it's possible there are mountain lions," said Roland Fuentas, a game warden.

The sighting sent the homeowners' association into action.

"(We) put an announcement up on our board and sent out an email blast to our residents just to let them know that it has been seen," said Rob McDaniel, Dominion HOA general manager.

The board is a big electronic message board that greets residents as they enter the neighborhood.

Since it is the holiday season and a kids are out of school, parents should take extra precaution, McDaniel said.

"Keep an eye on your pets. Keep them under leash and certainly keep an eye on their children playing in the backyard in the wooded areas," McDaniel said.

"It's wildlife, so the best thing to do is just leave it alone and if you do see it, you're only going to see if for a second," Fuentas said. "They are going to know you're there before you know that they're there, so they're just going to make their way into the woods as quick as possible."

Since there are so many Hill Ccountry neighborhoods with lots of green space, Fuentas wanted to remind residents to keep an eye out for all kinds of wild animals, hogs, deer and coyotes -- not just mountain lions.