There was more heated conversation in New Braunfels on Monday night as city leaders met to discuss a fee increase and restrictions for river users.

The council voted 6-1 to ban any inflatable float longer or wider than five feet on rivers within city limits, but opted to postpone a vote on raising the river use fee.

The vote would outlaw such things as double tubes, two-person floats and some inflatable kayaks.

River outfitters have consistently criticized the council for its stance on river issues, even filing lawsuits challenging the recent ban on disposable containers and the original river use fee.

A representative for river outfitters blasted the council for its actions and accused its members of acting against the best interests of the city.

"This is ridiculous. It's an unreasonable waste of taxpayers' dollars and those are my dollars. They're throwing them away for no reason," said Jeff Henry with Schlitterbahn.

The council also voted against a zoning change for a piece of property along the river. Citizens were concerned that property owner might open another outfitter business.