A 16-year-old O'Connor student has been charged with tampering with evidence after district officials said he swallowed a memory card containing nude pictures of a minor he reportedly showed to other students.

"Several students told the administration that there was a young man -- a student at O'Connor High School -- that was showing pictures of a naked girl," said Northside Independent School District Communications Director Pascual Gonzalez.

On Sept. 24, following reports from students, Gonzalez said the student was pulled in for questioning.

"(That's when) the student swallowed the SIM card out of his phone, which included the evidence," Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said the teen ingested a memory card he said contained a nude picture taken more than a year ago by the victim who sent it to her then-boyfriend.

Despite the fact that the evidence was swallowed, Gonzalez said the district has what they need to bring disciplinary action against the student.

"We have statements from witnesses who saw the pictures and that's enough evidence," Gonzalez said.

The suspect could be assigned to alternative school for showing pornographic pictures of a minor, but that's only if and when he returns to school, after facing criminal charges.

"Every student walks around with a lot of technology in his pocket. It can be used in an appropriate way and it can be used in an inappropriate way. This is certainly a lesson in what not to do," Gonzalez said.

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