Northside Independent School District officials are reviewing surveillance video after a riot on a school bus last week.

According to administrators, the students were yelling at the bus driver and a few parents got involved in the confrontation too.

NISD spokesman Pascual Gonzalez said it happened on Friday afternoon as the bus driver was coming from Clark High School.

Gonzalez said some students were yelling at the driver that he had missed a stop, but that he was on the right path.

"The driver was on the right path and he was going to stop at the right stop," said Gonzalez. "He is unauthorized to stop anywhere else, except where the official bus stops are and he did. The students were somewhat out of control. There was cursing on both sides."

Gonzalez said at the 25000 block of Aue, a female parent stepped out in the middle of the street, forcing the driver to stop.

Another parent forced the bus door open, boarded and yelled at the driver as he pulled the emergency break.

District officials said that's when two girls on the bus started pulling at the driver's ID tags.

"We assume that they called or texted their parents that they were having an issue on the bus (and) that the parents approached the bus in a very threatening matter," said Gonzalez. "There was yelling going on. (They) really set a poor example for their own children."

Collin Forshey said his dad is a bus driver and that the students and parents -- in this case -- were in the wrong.

"The kids or the parents should not be going in front of the bus where the driver has an obligation to go to his stop," he said.

The two students from Clark High School have been suspended from riding the bus for three weeks.

The bus driver could face disciplinary action for allowing the bus to roll forward while there where people standing in the aisle.

The two parents involved in Friday's incident could both face felony charges for disrupting public transportation.

Gonzales said there are four to five cameras on every bus, so while they are reviewing the video, they will not release it because this incident is still under investigation.

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