Some neighbors just south of downtown are concerned about some recent burglaries and they're taking action.

On Friday, neighbors are gathering for a neighborhood crime watch meeting to find out what they can do to curb crime.

Officer Gilbert Santos, with the San Antonio Police Department, said most of the crime reported has been happening during the day and that one neighbor was hit more than once.

"They broke into her car and then somebody broke into her garage," said Santos. "They took the screen off of her window. ... We found out that some of the neighbors experienced the same thing."

During the neighborhood watch meeting, police plan on letting participants know what the department has to offer, such as home security surveys, where an officer will come by your home to examine your locks, doors, and windows.

They will even take a look at the lighting all in an effort to keep residents from becoming a victim of a crime.

"How to secure your house," said Santos. "Mainly, to get to know each other in the block, so you can watch after each other."

The meeting is scheduled for Friday at 6 p.m. in the 200 block of Carolina Street.