A stray dog in an unusual predicament is drawing concerns from neighbors near St. Marys Street and E. Park Avenue. For months, the stray dog has been running around the area with a black plastic flower pot stuck on its head.

IMAGES: Dog stuck in flower pot

A group of neighbors have been on a mission to try and catch the dog, nicknamed "Pothead" or "Pots."

"About two months ago, I guess he was foraging for food or something, and he got a pot stuck on his head, one of those little plastic flower pots, and he won't let anybody get close enough to him to take it off," said homeowner Mike Austin. "He's become kind of a neighborhood project."

Neighbors say Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation has tried to help and Animal Care Services issued a trap cage to one neighbor.

However, Pots is skittish and won't let anyone near him.

To add to the problem, the dog has been hanging out with a bad crowd -- a group of dogs that has been terrorizing some neighbors.

"It's like a pack of dogs," said homeowner Marisa Garza. "We cannot go out bicycle riding or taking our granddaughter on a stroll without fearing that the dogs may be out."

Over the past couple of months, most of the pack has been captured and taken to no-kill shelters, but Pots is now more elusive than ever.

"We'd like to catch him and get the pot off of his head and if we can take him to a place where he can have a happy home, that's what we'd like to do," said Austin.

Neighbors say Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation experts will be in the neighborhood on Tuesday night to try and capture Pots.