While students headed back to school from Christmas break, some students in the Northeast Independent School District got to check in to brand new schools.

Vineyard Ranch Elementary and Las Lomas Elementary officially opened Monday, despite ongoing construction..

It could take several months to complete the finishing touches, according to Aubrey Chancellor, NEISD community relations.

Kirenia Carballo, the sister and guardian of a Kindergarten student, said, "I didn't think they were going to be open today because it's messy around here but hopefully they'll get it done sooner than later."

Most of the work that remains is in the outer perimeters.

"There is some gravel around, cement still needs to be laid, some concrete in the parking lots and some other landscaping, things like that," said Chancellor.

Originally, both schools were to open in August, but that was delayed when the previous contractors ran out of money and dropped the job.

"There will be some construction done throughout the day, anything that's not disruptive, but anything that may distract a class, that sort of thing, that's going to be done after hours," said Chancellor.

She also said schools are taking extra precautions to keep construction areas safe from children and all construction workers have undergone background checks.

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