New Trader Joe's at Quarry Village set to open Friday

Grocery store crewmembers prepare for crowds

Published On: Nov 02 2012 11:14:09 AM CDT
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The long-awaited opening of Trader Joe's grocery store at Quarry Village is set for the morning of Nov. 2.

The store had originally been slated to open on Oct. 19, but construction problems caused a delay. 

"We've had a lot of people stopping by and asking when we are going to open," said store Captain Jorge Macias.

On Wednesday, the store opened its doors for a media sneak peak, as crewmembers clad in Hawaiian shirt uniforms stocked the shelves.

"It's a real true neighborhood store," said Macias. "(It's) very cozy (in) here."

The store is only about 11,000 square feet and has about 10 aisles, but still has a big selection of groceries at reasonable prices, including a lot of specialty foods.

Many of the items may look unfamiliar, since more than 80 percent of the products are under the Trader Joe's label. 

Macias said the Trader Joe's label shows the product has met certain standards.

"The private labels have no artificial colors, no artificial preservatives," he said. "We look all over the world and what makes it into our store has undergone a rigorous tasting panel."

One of the most popular items is a wine nicknamed "Two Buck Chuck," which costs $2.99 a bottle.

"It's been a customer favorite. It's a very versatile, great-tasting wine," said Macias. 

The store has an almost cult-like following and has been long-awaited by foodies.

There's even a Facebook page called San Antonio Needs a Trader Joe's, with more than 700 members.

Many say they plan to be there when the doors open.

"Foodies are going to be very happy," said Macias.

Images: Trader Joe's sneak peek

Published On: Oct 31 2012 11:58:02 AM CDT

KSAT 12 News got a behind-the-scenes look at the new Trader Joe's, slated to open Nov. 2.

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