Children at Risk, a non-profit organization, has released a survey ranking all of the schools in San Antonio.

The survey's results are based on 16 measures of performance to evaluate all of the schools.

"We want to find out what are the best schools and what are the schools that need a little bit more attention on the part of the public," Children at Risk President and CEO Dr. Bob Sanborn said.

Health Careers High School was named the top public high school in San Antonio.  Jefferson High School was named the most improved high school.

Sanborn said San Antonio has a small percentage of schools in the top tier in the state.

"Unfortunately, about 37 percent of the schools in the bottom tier of the state are from San Antonio," Sanborn said.  "So what that's telling us is that we have some schools that are doing a great job, but not enough schools that are doing a great job here in San Antonio."

You can find the complete list of rankings here.

Top 10 Public High Schools in Greater San Antonio:

1. Health Careers High School (Northside ISD)

2. International School of the Americas (NEISD)

3. School of Science and Technology (School of Science and Technology)

4. Alamo Heights High School (AHISD)

5. Navarro High School (Navarro ISD)

6. Reagan High School (NEISD)

7. Jubilee Academy (Jubilee Academic Center)

8. Churchill High School (NEISD)

9. Medina High School (Medina ISD)

10.  Clark High School (Northside ISD)

Most Improved High Schools in Greater San Antonio:

1. Jefferson High School (SAISD)

2. Brackenridge High School (SAISD)

3. Lee High School (NEISD)

4. Burbank High School (SAISD)

5. Lytle High School (Lytle ISD)