A far north San Antonio subdivision is under fire after a group of citizens discovered the developer, McMillan Homes, broke into a large cave to install sewer lines.

Annalisa Peace, Executive Dir. Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance, says the developer of a subdivision called the Ridge at Lookout Canyon is putting the public's health in

Residents fear that if the sewer lines break, it could contaminate the drinking water.

"We just want to know how something this stupid was allowed to happen," Peace said. "Every expert we talked to said the way these lines have been installed they will fail and that will go right into our drinking water supply."

According to Peace, if the sewer lines fail, the Edwards Aquifer could be contaminated.

Peace is even more concerned because it appears contractors intersected and breached the integrity of the cave on two separate incidents.  

Peace said the developer wants to continue building homes and deal with the situation by supporting the sewer pipe with a constructed beam and encasing it with concrete.

"If there were a leak nobody could get in to fix it," Peace said.

The Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance wants the builder stop construction, have the cave left open, and re-route the sewer lines so its no longer going through the caves.