The Move Over or Slow Down law states that motorist must move over at least one lane or slow down 20 mph below the posted speed limit when encountering any police, fire, paramedic, or tow truck personnel working an incident along the side of the road.

Police across the region say not enough motorists are following the law, and have begun to crack down on violators

San Antonio police set up a trap on Thursday along Interstate 35 near Judson Road.

In a matter of two hours, officers pulled over dozens of violators of the law.

Offenses are so prevalent, that scores of drivers were witnessed violating the law even as officers had other drivers pulled over for violating the law.

For Officer Daniel Schmitt, one of the officers working the trap, it's an offense that hits home. Schmitt has been struck by a vehicle while making a traffic stop.

"So this law, to me personally, I like it, because it could have been a different outcome and I might not be able to stand here an talk to you right now," Schmitt said.

Fran Aukuso, of San Antonio, was one of those cited. She said she knew she was supposed to move over but couldn't due to congestion. She failed to slow the required 20 mph below the speed limit.

"Its embarrassing, but I don't want to hit anybody, but I think its a great law," Aukuso said.

Many motorists pleaded ignorance.

"I just told (Officer Schmitt) that, honestly, I did not know," said Renee Dehoyos, of San Antonio.

That ignorance could be costly. Fines for violating the law start at $200.

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Published On: Oct 18 2012 05:54:26 PM CDT
IMAGES: 'Mover Over' law trap

Police across the region say not enough motorists are following the "Move Over or Slow Down" law, and have begun to crack down on violators.

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