Pecan Valley Golf Course zoning fight continues

City Zoning Commission to decide case; Hearing set for Tuesday

Author: Paul Venema, Reporter,
Published On: Jun 04 2012 06:12:28 PM CDT   Updated On: Jun 04 2012 03:01:56 PM CDT

A group of citizens led by Precinct 4 County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson is preparing to take their case for the preservation  of the Pecan Valley Golf Course to the city zoning commission.

“You can call it ‘upzoning’ or ‘downzoning,' whatever,” Adkisson said. “The fact is it needs to remain a golf course and we need to be able to retain it as an 18-hole golf course.”

In a surprise move, the course was closed in January.

Those in opposition to Adkisson’s hopes of keeping the course open want to have the property cut in half, using one half for a nine-hole golf course and the remainder for multi-family housing.

Adkisson said, “What we want to do is make sure that we preserve Pecan Valley from undue and undesirable development.”

The property is currently zoned “M/F-33,” which allows for multi-family development.