The findings of a commander-directed investigation into sexual misconduct between basic military training instructors and trainees at Joint Base San Antonio Lackland were revealed Wednesday during a media briefing at the Pentagon.

Gen. Edward Rice Jr., head of Air Force Training Command, and Air Force Chief of Safety Maj. Gen. Margaret Woodward revealed the findings.

Woodward, who appointed to lead the investigation, develop 22 findings as part of the probe and made 46 recommendations. A total of 45 will be accepted, said Rice.

The investigation found that, among several factors, a lack of training oversight allowed abuses of power to happen, said Rice.

“I am directing the establishment of a military training oversight counsel, which will be led by a 3-star general,” said Rice.

He also called for more self-policing among training instructors.

"Its not enough to come to work every day and do what they need to do to be professional,” Rice said. “They've got to be actively looking at their fellow instructors for the early signs of abuse of power."

Another recommendation to be implemented calls for one of four instructors overseeing two flights -- or groups of trainees -- to be female.

That change will take time, Rice added, because the Air Force says it currently does not have enough female instructors to make that happen.

As part of the investigation, 215 interviews, more than 18,000 surveys and focus groups with trainees, instructors, and spouses were conducted.

Meanwhile, an investigation continues at JBSA Lackland into sexual misconduct. A total of 25 instructors are involved along with 49 alleged victims.

Of those instructors, five have been referred to court martial and convicted as a result. Six face charges while another 14 remain under active investigation.

An Article 32 hearing is set Thursday for Staff Sgt. Donald Davis, who is charged with aggravated sexual contact and assault and battery of one trainee.

Davis is also accused of having a “wrongful, unprofessional, personal, or sexual relationship” with another trainee.