SCHERTZ, Texas -

An paraglider crashed Friday morning in Schertz, resulting in the death of the pilot.

David Denning, 53, of Navasota, was airlifted to University Hospital with broken ribs, a broken ankle and a bad cut on his wrist, where he later died, Schertz police said.

Denning had just taken off from Kitty Hawk Ultrafield Aircraft, when the paraglider started floundering and suddenly took a nosedive and crashed into a field behind Vestel Steel in the 17000 block of Red Iron.

"The guy just starts moving back and forth swaying, and you see him lose control," Jesse Rutherford, a witness, said. "I guess, (he) just let go because it just flew straight into the ground. It didn't even fall out of the sky. It flew straight into the ground."

The field where the crash happened was the same field where one of Osama bin Landen's brothers died in a similar crash in 1988.