Planning Commission gives Lone Star plan green light

City Council to vote on plan March 21

Author: Myra Arthur, Reporter, Anchor,
Published On: Feb 27 2013 06:27:53 PM CST   Updated On: Feb 27 2013 06:43:58 PM CST

The City Planning Commission recommended Wednesday that the city council approve the Lone Star Community Plan, which is a set of guidelines for developing the area surrounding the old Lone Star Brewery just south of downtown.

The roughly two-square-mile area is bordered by Cesar Chavez to the north, Highway 90 to the south, the San Antonio River and Interstate 37 on the east and Interstate 35 on the west.

While development is already happening in that area, the Lone Star Community Plan sets up a framework for future projects.

“It’s just something that we use that compliments zoning,” said Donald Orian, vice chair of the Planning Commission. “So it will take this area of the community, and from meetings with the community, it creates themes, if you will, to say this is high density, this could be commercial."

"This area was indicated as growth area for residential. So that is the main impetus to see how we can increase residential densities, increase residential dwellings,” Chris Looney said, assistant director of the Department of Planning & Community Development.

Public recreational areas and new infrastructure could also be part of future development, which would essentially extend the traditional boundaries of downtown.

"It kind of pieces it all together into a big plan for the future. So any zoning in the future would have to be in conformance with this plan, developments in conformance with this plan," Orian said.