A pair of police officers testified Tuesday about a DWI defendant's condition at the scene of a fatal crash that claimed the life of an off-duty police officer.

Sandra Briggs is on trial on a charge of intoxication manslaughter. She is accused of hitting and killing off-duty police officer Sergio Antillon who had stopped to help a fellow police officer who was assisting a motorist on the shoulder of Loop 410.

One of the officers who testified Tuesday was Sgt. Kevin Luzius, who filled out the crash report.

Luzius told the jury about Briggs' demeanor following the accident.

"The defendant was very happy going lucky, laughing at the end," Luzius said. "It kind of concerned me. She was standing right there when we pulled Sergio off the guard rail. His condition was very apparent to us and she was right there."

Officer David Luther, who conducted a field sobriety test on Briggs, testified after Luzius.

Luther's dash cam video from his patrol car was shown to the jury.

The video shows Briggs telling Luther that she had not been drinking. In the video, Briggs also complained about being cold and telling the officer about a thyroid condition. The video also showed the defendant struggling while trying to walk a white line.

Briggs pleaded no contest to the charge. Testimony is expected to continue Wednesday