San Antonio police were investigating a phone call made from a pay phone Thursday on the city's North Side that made a reference to the bomb threat at San Antonio International Airport.

A police spokeswoman said the caller called 911 and said, "Yesterday was just a test at the airport. Watch what happens today."

Sgt. Javier Salazar, a police spokesman said the bomb squad was called out to investigate the area around the pay phone at the Shell gas station in the 13300 block of Blanco Road near Churchill Estates.

The bomb squad cleared the scene. Evidence technicians combed the area for evidence and police plan to review video from a nearby surveillance camera.

Salazar said he didn't think the call made Thursday and the one made to the airport Wednesday were related.

Operations at the airport Thursday was business as usual.

The bomb threat on Wednesday ended up causing the evacuation of both airport terminals and air operations for nearly three hours.