Churches in the Alamo City are praying for the victims and their families in both Boston and West. They’re hoping the power of prayer will heal their souls and bring them hope. Inside the First Baptist Church in Poteet, about a dozen parishioners gathered Friday night to pray.

The church’s pastor Allen Weaver said, “praying for these people whose families are still searching and wondering is their son or daughter alive.”

The church has about 70 members. Pastor Weaver said when the tragedy in West happened, their tight knit community could relate.

“When the explosion happened in West, it really just hit us all. We’re a really small community just like west, we’re generation after generation, we’re family after family,” said Pastor Weaver.

Parishioner Susan Jackson attended the special service Friday. She said she felt obligated to come to church. She hopes the victims of these tragedies don’t ever lose hope or faith.

“If there’s any way that we can encourage them in any way to look up, you know that God is there for them,” said Susan Jackson.