Pumpkin pies put to taste test

HEB pie receives most thumbs up

Author: Marilyn Moritz, Reporter, mmoritz@ksat.com
Published On: Nov 14 2012 06:13:00 PM CST   Updated On: Nov 14 2012 06:40:51 PM CST

Any way you slice it, pumpkin pie is the traditional way to top off the Thanksgiving feast. So how do store-bought pies rate?

A small colony of KSAT co-workers agreed to lend their palates and non-expert opinions and sample five pumpkin pies purchased from supermarkets and restaurants.

The least expensive was a frozen Mrs. Smith's pumpkin pie for $4.88. Pies from HEB and Walmart bakeries were around $6. The Bill Miller pie was $9.49 and the Luby's pie at $14.99 was the priciest.

But first, what makes for the perfect pumpkin pie?

"I like a real strong flavor, nice and fluffy texture and then a crust that just melts in your mouth," said sampler Edna King.

"It's got to be firm and the crust flaky," said Scott Shiotani.

In a blind taste-test, the five pumpkin-eaters rated each slice on pumpkin taste, filling texture, crust and then an overall assessment.

Ratings highest for pumpkin taste was the HEB pie, while Bill Miller was preferred by most when it came to texture. There was no clear favorite for crust because each had a different opinion.

Overall, the HEB pie squashed the competition rating as the favorite of three of the five testers. 

Considering all of the categories, the Bill Miller was the second choice and one tester preferred the Luby's pie. The  Mrs. Smith's  pie was the least favorite.

The HEB pie at $5.99 was also the largest, twice the size of the Bill Miller pie.

"Hey, pumpkin pie is pumpkin pie, and I'll eat it," said tester Don Servais.