Railroad crossing malfunctions again

After being fixed Tuesday, railroad crossing arms malfunction again

Published On: Jan 30 2013 02:38:52 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 10 2013 12:09:14 AM CST
drivers direct traffic

After malfunctioning railroad crossing arms at Wetmore and Thousand Oaks were fixed Tuesday, drivers were caught off guard again on Wednesday after they began malfunctioning again.

The same railroad crossing arms were malfunctioning and during the highest traffic time of the day.

Once again, the crossing arms were down and there were about a dozen cars lined up on both sides of the tracks.

Some drivers said they were stuck in traffic for about 45 minutes before a crew showed up.

At about 7:30 p.m. when a crew arrived, while the crossing arms were still down, a train went through.

As soon as it passed, the crew was able to get the crossing arms up again and as of late Wednesday night, it was still working.
Union Pacific officials said Wednesday night that the intersection at Wet more and Thousand Oaks was one of seven crossings with this problem on Tuesday.

However, it appeared to be the only crossing with this problem on Wednesday.

Union Pacific officials also said while Tuesday's malfunction was caused by a power surge that blew fuses, it wasn't clear what caused the problem on Wednesday evening.

Union Pacific officials said the system is designed to activate the warning signals if something goes wrong.