About 10 years ago, Randy Mendoza and Lance Fitzsimon started working with scientists to create alcohol-free antimicrobial towelettes. 

Since then, their product, Kleenhanz, has been sold at area stores, including HEB and Valero, but it's remained mostly local. 

Now, the local company is getting big recognition that could bring a big boost to the business.

Their invention has been chosen as a featured hand hygiene product of choice for the U.S. Olympic men's and women's basketball teams for the Summer Olympics in London.

"It's hard for a small company  to get on a national (or) international stage, so it's a big boost," said Fitzsimon.

The big break came at a trade show, where the owners were approached by the director of medicine for the International Olympic Committee.

"He came to our booth and said, 'Hey, do you mind if we use your towels?'" said Mendoza.

Fitzsimon and Mendoza say they'll be watching the games closely, not only for the score, but hoping to get a glimpse of their product, which players will use to sanitize their hands and equipment. 

"Whenever you can have a product like ours in the hands of professional athletes to the liking of Dwayne Wade and LeBron James, all of a sudden, it opens up a new sports channel for us," said Mendoza, "I kind of pinch myself thinking, 'Golly, this is pretty significant because it's where we want to go.'"

"With a company our size, it's hard to get the word out. We're getting the word out here locally, but getting it out on a national (or) international level is a big deal," said Fitzsimon. "We're looking to expand globally but this definitely helps because we need to get the word out."