Cyclists and runners have reported at least a dozen vehicle break-ins at the trailheads leading to the Leon Creek Greenway in Northwest San Antonio, according to Doug Ratliff, whose group Alamo Running Buddies no longer frequents the area.

“I stopped scheduling our group runs along Leon Creek and O.P. Schnabel Park out of concern,” Ratliff said Friday at a meeting with SAPD at its Prue Rd. substation.

He also said he’s heard similar reports at Brackenridge, McAllister and Stone Oak Park.

Ratliff was among the fitness enthusiasts who turned out for the meeting.

SAPD Sgt. Dean White said their concerns will help determine the extent of the problem and what needs to be done, working in conjunction with Park Police.

“If we need more visibility, then we’ll coordinate with them to make it happen,” White said.

Ratliff said he would like to see security cameras over the parking lots at the trailheads where vehicles are parked for an hour or two while their owners take to the trails.

He said unlike Phil Hardberger Park that has Park Police patrolling full-time, the Leon Creek Greenway does not.

“You feel vulnerable when you park there. They don’t seem to be patrolled at all,” Ratliff said.

He said there are dozens of running and biking groups in a city whose citizens are trying to become more healthy.

“They’re beautiful trails and we’d like to use those trails without the anxiety of worrying about whether our cars are going to be broken into,” Ratliff said.

SAPD urges those using the trails to not leave anything visible in their vehicles that could be easily stolen and pawned for drug money by burglars who do nothing but break into trucks and cars.

White also said don’t stash those items in the trunk after they park because look-outs are likely watching.

“So once you take off, your car is still a target,” White said.

SAPD confirmed changes in state law that made vehicle burglaries misdemeanors, but it takes four separate convictions to be considered a state jail felony. 

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