Gas prices zipped into the fast lane rising by double digits in the past week.

Some stations posted 20-cent-higher prices in the past two days.

"Here we go again," said Pat Yoakum, while putting $40 worth of fuel into her tank on Friday. "Before summer, it will probably be almost four bucks like last year."

Spring pump prices have sprung early.

The average in San Antonio is $3.24 for a gallon for a gallon of regular, up 5 cents from the day before  and up 11 cents in one week, according to figures from AAA.

Juan Moreno was feeling the squeeze on his wallet.

"They're going to leave us poor now," he said. "We're already poor. They want us to beg for gas."

For the next several weeks, industry experts say prices should continue to go one way: up.

Signs of a stronger economy have pushed crude prices higher. Several refineries are down for maintenance. And refineries will be switching to more expensive summer blends.

How fast and how far prices rise this spring remains to be seen. But Corneil Tate said he's ready.

"I'm going to park my car and get a bicycle," he said.

While prices are high, drivers are paying 11 cents less than this time last year.

And consider this on Super Bowl weekend. When the first  Super Bowl was played in 1967, a gallon of gas cost 32 cents. A ticket to the game was $10.