The body of Air Force Major Troy Gilbert remains in Iraq 5 years after his F-16 crashed during a rescue mission.

Gilbert's widow, Ginger Gilbert Ravella, is still searching for answers and searching for a way to bring his body back home.

Gilbert died in 2006 after saving 20 troops who were under fire. His body was then believed to be captured by insurgents after the crash.

Only a piece of tissue and some of his belongings were recovered. However, the military was able to confirm Gilbert's identity using the tissue so his death was listed as "accounted for."

Gilbert said that meant there is no active search to recover his body. His family says that's simply unacceptable.

"I'm afraid (the search) falls through the cracks, and that's what we can't have happen," Gilbert said. "It's only justice that he deserves to be back in this country."

The recent troop withdrawal from Iraq has left Gilbert's family more unsure they will ever get his body back home.

"It was something that should have been done when we left Iraq," Gilbert said. "I think it should have been part of the agreement. Relieving your country, and we've established democracy as best we can, but you owe us our soldier back."

The family is asking for the military to open a case file that would keep them updated on the status of finding his remains.

Officials with the Department of Defense have agreed to meet with his family later this month.