After a long, hot summer, Sunday's cooler weather was a nice change for many San Antonio residents.

"I thought it was refreshing," said C. T. Rhames. "We always have the heat waves here and it was nice to have the cool air. I hope it stays for a little bit. I can deal with some coolness."

The temperatures hit the low 60s by Sunday afternoon and gave some people a chance to bring out their, boots, sweaters and jackets that were put away in the closet.

However, for most people, it was just a great day to get outside.

"I stepped outside and I was like, 'It feels so great,'" said Stephen McCray. "I'm glad I got to bust out a couple of jackets this morning."

However, not everybody was a fan of the drop in temperature.
"It was really, really cold," said Anani Rhames. "I had to like put four jackets on."

The cooler weather is expected to fade out in the next couple of days.

"It's nice for now, but it's only going to last for one day though," said Brenda Rodriguez. "Only today, but it's awesome."