Some San Antonio politicians are putting the city in the national spotlight.

Mayor Julian Castro has been on several national news outlets recently for being chosen as the keynote speaker for the Democratic National Convention.

On Tuesday, Rep. Francisco "Quico" Canseco announced he'll speak at the GOP Presidential Nominating Convention.

ABC Nightline reporter John Quinones interviewed Castro on the San Antonio River Walk this week to talk about the honor of becoming the first Latino keynote speaker of the Democratic National Convention.

Although the attention benefits Castro, he said it also benefits the city by putting it in the spotlight.

"I think it's good for San Antonio," said Castro. "San Antonio more and more is on the radar screen throughout the United States, so it's a good thing."

On the Republican side, Rep. "Quico" Canseco, 23rd Congressional District, is also attracting national attention as he prepares to speak at the Republican National Convention.

He said he believes it's a chance to showcase San Antonio as an example for the country.

"San Antonio, with its very great mix in economic character, with military, with healthcare, with industry, with small business, (shows) there is a better way of doing things in our nation and, hopefully, I'll be able to highlight that for the greater nation," said Canseco.

Regardless of party lines, both Castro and Canseco both believe they're bringing the city valuable recognition.

"One of the challenges over the years for San Antonio is that it hasn't had a strong enough voice at a national level and the consequence of that is that sometimes the biggest investments -- whether it's infrastructure or other things -- don't come our way. I believe that will change over the years," said Castro.

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