SA teen gets new set of lungs

Risky surgery necessary after battle with cystic fibrosis

Author: Isis Romero , Anchor,
Published On: Feb 01 2013 09:49:11 PM CST   Updated On: Feb 01 2013 10:50:48 PM CST

A local teen who has been living with cystic fibrosis her entire life is the recipient of a new set of lungs.

Faith Beavers, 18, was diagnosed as a baby with the disease, and doing normal, everyday tasks proved difficult as she continued to grow.

“I kind of grew up knowing I couldn't do everything that everyone else could do,” Faith said. “But it wasn't that bad until I was like 10 or 12.”

By that point, cystic fibrosis had destroyed her lungs, allowing them to operate at only 16 percent. A healthy person’s lungs operate at 100 percent.

With medication, inhalants, an oxygen mask, and a drip feed to help her, Faith came to a point, where a double lung transplant was her only option.

“It was a 12 hour long surgery, and it took a long time,” Faith said. “It was obviously risky, and I knew that. But I think I was more excited and ready, because I have waited for so long it felt like. I just wanted it to happen.”

The transplant was on December 9, and almost two months later, Faith’s progress has been amazing. With lungs now operating at 82 percent, she wears a bracelet as a daily reminder of what she's been through.

Faith hopes to someday meet her donor’s family and inscribe the name of the donor on her keepsake.

“I just want them to be close to my heart, because they're going to be with me forever, and I feel like they're a part of me, and I want to acknowledge that.”

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