SAC students want more campus lights, security guards

Many night students say they won't walk alone

Author: April Molina, Investigative Reporter,
Published On: Oct 09 2012 10:09:56 PM CDT   Updated On: Oct 10 2012 01:58:44 AM CDT

Many San Antonio College night students are worried for their safety and want the campus to add more lights and security officers.

"I wish maybe they would have more lights or maybe security guards," said San Antonio College student, Alexandria Hernandez.

This thought was shared by every student we met walking the various parking lots of the San Antonio College. One student admitted to carrying pepper spray.

"I always, now I have it in my hand as soon as I get out of class before I leave the building," Hernandez said.

"A lot of the parking lots here are dark. It's scary getting into your car because you bend down put your backpack in, stand up, someone could be standing behind you, you never know," said San Antonio College student, Catherine Saathoff.

It was a familiar routine we witnessed multiple times as we watched both students and faculty walk to their cars one weekday evening. One male student said the threat is so great, he feels an obligation to walk out fellow female students.

"I walk her to her car every night, make sure she gets in the car safe and I don't leave until she goes on the street and starts driving," said SAC student, Kenneth Harvey.

Saathoff said she wouldn't even consider walking out to the parking lot alone at night and fortunately she doesn't have to. There is a strong sense of community among the community college students. Some students report there are entire classes that park and walk to class together.

"I was actually in one night class that did that. We all parked in the same area, when we walked out we all got in our cars together," Saathoff said.

All students receive alerts on a regular basis, notifying of them crime on campus.

Reports from 2011 show there are more than twice as many motor vehicle thefts and assaults on the SAC campus as there are at each of the other three Alamo College Campuses.

"I'm proud to report that we have very minimal crime between the hours of 6 and 10 p.m. when we have our evening classes," said SAC Public Relations District Director, Mario Muniz.

There was no promise of more lights, but Muniz assured us they are adequate. While he could not say how many officers on average are scheduled at night, he did say they have 24-7 coverage on campus.

If any student, staff, or faculty member needs an escort at night, they can request one by calling campus police dispatch at 485-0099.