SAFE System looks to keep motorists out of high water

Network of directional signs guide drivers around high water

Author: John Honore, Meteorologist,
Published On: Sep 28 2012 06:11:55 PM CDT   Updated On: Sep 28 2012 06:28:21 PM CDT

The San Antonio Flood Emergency -- or SAFE -- System is a network of signs that give motorists directions for alternate routes around flooded low-water crossings

The idea is if people are shown alternate routes, they'll be less tempted to go around barriers and get caught in high water.

"We just want to make sure that we are proactive in having a program that can educate the community and let them know where there's areas where we typically do experience high water and why its just a better decision that if you see high water that they just turn around and go a different direction," said April Alcoser, spokesperson for the San Antonio Department of Public Works.

There are currently eight low-water crossing around the city where the SAFE routes have been established, and the city is on the lookout to expand the program.

"Every year we are working on trying to identify alternate routes that are feasible," said Alcoser. "There are some locations where its difficult to an alternate route established but we are always being proactive in seeing how we can establish alternate routes."

Going around barricades on roads that are closed due to high water can result in a fine of up to $500.

More information on the SAFE System can be found at

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