A south side couple is thankful to be alive after they came face-to-face with an SUV that crashed into the front of their house Sunday.

The homeowners said they were sitting in their living room around 7:15 pm when they heard the sound of tires screeching outside their home in the 400 block of Drury Lane.

The wife got up to see what had happened and said, no more than two seconds later, the rear end of a red Lincoln Navigator came crashing through her front door. The woman said the car stopped about a foot away from where she was standing at the time.

According to police, the driver of the SUV lived a few houses down and across the street from the home. Police said they don’t know why, but the man was reversing down the street at a high rate of speed when he hit a speed bump.

Officials say he lost control of the vehicle and it rolled on to the front lawn, through a fence and into the front of the house.

After the accident, the driver returned to his home. Police arrived a short time later and a tow truck was called in to remove the vehicle from the house.

Police said the driver was shaken up, and he was taken to Mission Hills Hospital as a precaution.

Investigators do not believe alcohol played a role in the accident.

After the truck was removed, dozens of neighbors helped the homeowners clear debris from the house and put up a wood panel to cover the large hole left by the SUV.

No one was injured in the accident and the homeowners said they have insurance.